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Officials crack down on drivers who don't stop for school busses

Lawmakers are cracking down on drivers who run school bus stop signals.
The senate bill hopes to authorize school boards to install cameras that would catch drivers who fail to stop behind the bus while the stop signal is displayed.
And those who violate his may get a ticket.
One school bus driver says installing these cameras may be challenging.

School bus drivers have to keep their eyes on multiple things, from children on the school bus to cars on the road. It can be frustrating, and the one thing they can't control, are drivers who continue to ignore stop signals.

Terry McKnight trains  more than 400 school bus drivers in Escambia County. He's been driving school buses for about 15 years.
He knows the challenges drivers face every day.

"From day one its a training process, that's my signal"
McKnight does not think Escambia County has a problem with illegal passers, but it does happen and it can be dangerous for children waiting to board the bus.

"Everybody's in a rush these days it's frustrating"
He has mixed feelings about these cameras. He believes safety is number one, but isn't sure how they will be able to monitor all the stop signal runners.

"Here's the thing, you have these cameras school do it?"
Some people we spoke with think less people will violate the law,  if they know they're being watched.

Antronia Johnson
"If anything it'll help police, be good for the kids"

Colleen Clark
"Anything to keep kids safe, that's a good idea"

The transportation director did tell me they plan on collecting data to see which bus stops have the most violators. They plan on having law enforcement out there to catch them in the act.