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Eglin Airman has part in movie "Olympus has Fallen"

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE  --  One of the actors in the movie "Olympus Has Fallen" has a Northwest Florida connection. He's an airman at Eglin Air Force Base.
His military training helped him get a bigger part than he expected.
Laura Hussey "Being in a film that's on marquees like this all over the country for an aspiring actor, that's a dream come true"

Olympus Has Fallen is about a terrorist attack on the White House.
Mike Stallings headed to the set as an extra.
He had no idea that his ten-year air force career would get him noticed.  Then, somebody asked "Who can drive a Humvee"?

Mike Stallings "Showing up on set, having military background experience and just military experience in general definitely helped out as far as the uniforms and the equipment, stuff like that, having experience hands on with that"

His knowledge, honed during a year with the Army in Afghanistan, caught the director's attention.
Stallings was asked to suggest a line.
Then the game changer, he was asked to deliver that line on camera.  

Stallings says there were ten or twelve takes on the scene.
Mike "It was nerve-wracking, the first couple of takes actually my heart was racing, and I was like Oh, I gotta get this line right, but after the first couple of takes it went real smooth"
The shoot was on a weekend, so it didn't interfere with Stalling's Air Force job.
His free time has been focused on acting since he came to Eglin Air Force Base.
His speaking part in this film makes him eligible for the Screen Actors Guild.. Key to getting more auditions for major movies.

Mike "That can definitely help out as far as a bigger career. All professional actors are part of the Screen Actor's Guild, so it's a big big deal"

Laura Hussey "So I asked Mike Stallings now that you've been on the big screen, what's your dream role? Like a true actor, he said 'I'm just happy to be working'.