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Premature babies at Sacred Heart Hospital receive donor breast milk

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  The smallest and sickest newborns at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital are now getting donor breast milk -- they have been since last August.
It comes from a Donor Milk Bank in Texas.
Doctors say breast milk is best for all babies -- but premature infants need it the most.

Gabriel -- also known as "Baby C" of the Guzman triplets -- is going home today.
In part because of donor breast milk  from a Texas milk bank.

(("I actually didn't realize that they had donor milk until I was told  about it in the hospital and I was actually very pleasantly surprised and happy  that they had it."))
 Mom April Cooper says that after an extended bedrest and a very early delivery -- the trio was born at just 30 weeks gestation -- she was further  stressed to find out that her breast milk was not sufficient to feed all three of her boys.

(("It got them through a very crucial time during their development and helped relieve my anxiety about being able to provide for them."))
Neonatologist Doctor Drifa Freysdottir says the donated milk is carefully screened and pasturized...Babies weighing less than three pounds at birth and at less than 30 week of gestation get the milk first.

(("Has multiple anti inflammatory affects that seems to help our babies specifically that have immature organs that need to be treated gently."))
Once a baby is big and strong enough to go home -- they don't qualify to receive the donor milk.

Cooper's been working with a lactation consultant to increase her milk supply -- and is now ready to nurse getting there took a lot of pumping and storing.

(("I know that it is very time consuming, I know that it is difficult to stay healthy and take care of yourself to do that service and I'm just very grateful."))