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Concealed weapons permits

FLORIDA  --  Some members of the NRA including passionate gun rights supporters, say it's too easy to get a concealed weapons license in Florida.

They say state law does not require enough training.
The NRA itself however disagrees.
Captain Ron, the owner of Blackwater River Tactical Range, is an NRA firearms instructor.
He and other instructors are worried about mistakes that could be made by sloppy gun owners.

Captain Ron, Owner, Blackwater River Tactical Range: "When an accident does happen, they're not just gonna go after that one person who didn't receive enough training. They're gonna go after all of us and they're gonna go after concealed weapons licenses as a whole."

Mike Caruso a gun range owner in South Florida, says some classes let students walk away with the documentation needed to get a license after firing only one round.

State Law offers applicants seven options for demonstrating "competence".
Those options include the completion of "any firearms training or safety course" offered by a state-certified or NRA-certified instructor.

Captain Ron says there needs there needs to be a standard for that training.
 Captain Ron, Owner, Blackwater River Tactical Range: "As an instructor I only need to watch you safely handle and discharge a firearm. I can do that over an iPhone. When we give people a drivers license, there's a driver's test, there's a standard of training, there's a vision test, a competence test."
ron says IN PARTICULAR  he would like to see more education about the legal aspects of carrying a firearm, which he provides.

The NRA says no changes to the current concealed weapons law are needed.
They say there's not one recorded case of an incident that resulted from a lack of training.

James Connell, Gun Owner: "If they're gonna carry a gun they need to know how to use it."
Gun owners and others we spoke with for the most part agree with Captain Ron.

Renee Phillips, Milton: "There should be a universal standard. I mean everyone should have to do the same thing."
We've put more information regarding the application process for a concealed weapons permit on our website,

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