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Two popular programs Twitter accounts hacked

The Associated Press is the latest victim in a string of hacked Twitter accounts.
Over the weekend television programs -- "60 Minutes" and "48 Hours" were also compromised.
So, how are hackers doing it and what can you do to keep your own account safe?

Patrick Allmond - Fox25 Social Media Expert
That's kind of a scary thought if you ask me. the fact that they can do that. basically cause or fabricate a terrorist attack and affect the financial market
The power of a single tweet has moved beyond simple fact or statement into the realm of national security.

Patrick Allmond
They can actually affect our commerce as a result of the hacking that's going on

But how do the hackers do it?
Jayson Street is a computer security expert.
He showed me how he would break into my Twitter account.

It's not a matter of coming up with my password.   It's about sending me an email -- from someone I trust -- with a link that I click.

Jayson Street - Krypton Security
I would just think that was a typo but I would probably still click on it. because it looks like an "o" and that's still available.

Street says that's probably what happened with the Associated Press.
An email -- that looked like it was sent from Twitter -- may have been sent to someone who works there prompting them to change their username and password.

Jayson Street - Krypton Security
And as soon as he did that he wasn't logging into an authorize site he was logging into the hackers account

Giving the hacker full access to the Twitter page.
Jayson Street - Krypton Security

When it looks suspicious, when you have that moment of doubt where you're like is this real? was I expecting something like this

Jayson Street - Krypton Security
Go with that first instinct, verify it a little further