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McDavid tornado victims just want what's owed them

MCDAVID   --  Their home was severely damaged by a tornado more than two years ago.
And now a family in McDavid says the house is still in terrible shape.

They say their insurance company is to blame.

Joe and Gloria Flowers live here with their daughter and two year-old grandson.
Trees are still down in the front yard.
Some of the walls are cracked.
There are holes in the roof.
The couple says the situation has been a nightmare.

This is video we shot of the house just after the tornado touched down in March of 2011.
Not much has changed.
Joe Flowers, Tornado victim: "My whole life's been taken control of by this."
Joe Flowers, who's now unemployed, says he filed a claim with Universal Property and Casualty Insurance soon after his home was hit and that they initially paid him 15,000 dollars.
He and his wife say that was not nearly enough.
Joe Flowers, Tornado victim: "They wanted to put a band-aid over a bullethole, let's put it that way."

Gloria Flowers, Tornado victim: "You got bugs coming through the crack, you got waters coming through the holes. I don't know what else to do with them people besides pop 'em in the head!"
Joe Flowers says an engineer estimated there was about 220,000 dollars in damage and that a judge has ordered Universal to pay that amount.
Flowers says the company paid his lawyer some of the money, but that his attorney is holding the funds.

Joe Flowers, Tornado victim: "If he releases it he's afraid that that's it. They won't give you no more."
We called the attorney's office and they would only say that he can't comment on the case because it's in pre-litigation.

We also left messages for Universal Insurance and so far they have not responded.
The home, meanwhile, is in foreclosure.
Flowers hasn't made a payment in over a year.

Joe Flowers, Tornado victim: "Why am I gonna pay for this? I just don't see the point."
The Flowers say they just want to get what they feel is fairly owed to them so they can build a new home here and move on with their lives.