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Cleveland's dramatic rescue of abducted women missing 10 years

ABC NEWS, NY -- An incredible story out of Cleveland: three women found alive after going missing about ten years ago.
Three brothers are charged in their kidnapping. But even with their arrests, many want to know how this could happen in their own neighborhood?
Lana Zak sent us her report from Cleveland where families are celebrating:

The details are as shocking as they are unbelievable to the Cleveland  community celebrating a triumph of good over evil.

"Three men have been arrested: Ariel Castro, brother Pedro, and another brother O'Neil," said Chief Of Police, Michael McGrath.

The owner of the home, Ariel Castro, named by Amanda Berry in that 911-call.

911 Operator: "What is he wearing?"
Amanda Berry: "I don't know, because he's not here right now!  That's how I got away!"

He was a school bus driver, investigated for leaving a child on his bus in 2004. Police now looking back at that incident and at all three of the Castro brothers. Their uncle cannot believe it.

"It was startling. I came over and asked the police what's happening and I said it can't be that's my nephew's house it can't be," he said.

Even neighbors were fooled by Ariel, thinking he was "nice guy." On a random Saturday he may bring out his four-wheeler and there's kids out on the block and take them for rides up and down the street.

But locked inside his Cleveland home, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, Amanda  Berry and her 6-year old child. After almost 10 years, they would be freed when Amanda starts screaming for help.

"That girl Amanda told the police I ain't just the only one. There's some more girls up in that house," said the rescuing neighbor, Charles Ramsey.

And in this story of demons & heroes, Amanda's bravery stands above all else.

Ariel Castro was known as a father of three. Investigators are now asking were there any missed clues? One neighbor says she saw a naked women in Castro's backyard 2 years ago but police dismissed it as a prank. So many questions are still awaiting answers.