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'Project Life Saver' could save time in an emergency

The disappearance of a Louisiana boy on Perdido Key this past weekend had a tragic ending.

The body of 8-year-old Owen Black was found in the gulf Sunday afternoon, after an intensive two-day search by hundreds of volunteers.
Owen had autism and his family believes he simply wandered away from their vacation condo and drowned.
A little tracking device may not have saved Owen but it could have shortened the search.
This is a transmitter that can be worn around the wrist or around the ankle. it can even be worn as a necklace.

Bottom line if you're child is missing and they're wearing one of these it can will cut down on the search time.

Just like any 8-year-old boy, Christopher Paden likes playing with Legos.
You couldn't tell unless we told you but Christopher has autism. That's why his mother, Stacey says she keeps a close eye on him.

"They're drawn to water, they wander. if this Lego was display was across the hall, I assure, you he'd be trying to get to that display the whole time."

Christopher has run off before luckily, he was found.
Three months ago, Stacey found out about "Project Life Saver" and she decided to take no chances.

Christopher got a transmitter, which he wears around his ankle.
Now if he runs off again, his mother can call authorities to find him before he can run into danger.

This one just sort of self deploys
Skip Bollen is with Escambia Search and Rescue.
He shows us the receiver that picks up the transmitter's signal.

To show how effective it is, we had Christopher hide.
Skip turned on his receiver and the device started beeping once he pointed it in Christopher's direction.

It's got a five mile radius
The beeps got stronger as Skip got closer and within minutes he found Christopher.

Skip Bollens Escambia Search And Rescue
They have statistics on it.  On most, 30 minutes is the find time where it takes 6 to 8 hours other times."

The transmitter costs about 300 dollars but families can get help with the cost.
And for the most part Christopher doesn't mind it and his mother loves it.

Christopher Paden
"Just bothers me a little, because sweat gets stuck in it."
Stacey Paden. Christopher's Mother
"For our safety and our peace of mind, that way, we could always find him.  That's why we went with Project Life Saver."

There is a maintenance of 30 dollars every month for one of these. that's when batteries need to be checked or replaced.

Pensacola police also have a program called "Take Me Home."
Signing up is free.
A person's picture, characteristics and emergency contacts are put into a police database that can be sent out to officers as soon as the person disappears.
To sign up for the "Take me Home" program - just go to weartv.com and click on Newslinks.