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Local reaction to texting while driving ban

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  Texting while driving is one step closer to becoming illegal in Florida.
Late this afternoon, lawmakers passed a state-wide ban on texting in driving.
Law-makers have been trying to ban texting and driving for years.
Many people i spoke with today are happy with the ban, and thinks it'll make our roads safer.
Thousands of people  admit they still text and drive...
Even though the dangers are well known.

"It's causing many wrecks, and our attention is not on the road, so we need to have some law to stop that"

While the senate passed a bill to ban texting last month, the house added an amendment that would let  police to use driver's phone records, to back charges against them if 'texting' causes a crash where a person is killed or seriously injured.

Sammy Edwards - Driver
"I don't know if we need a bill to do that, to me it should be common sense that we shouldn't do those two things at the same time"

Tammy Waldro - Driver
"People's telephone numbers and stuff like that shouldn't be able to be public"

Well over 4,000 texting related crashes happened last year alone.
Drivers feel to get that number down, banning texting will help.

Gary Wilmert - Driver
"People shouldn't do it, it's especially dangerous for young kids to be texting and driving because they barely know how to drive anyway"

The bill would make texting and driving a secondary offense, meaning police would have to pull the driver over for something else first, like speeding.

The only thing left for the texting and driving bill is to be signed by Governor Scott.