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NEW INFORMATION: Escambia County Central Office Complex evacuated hazmat investigating

ESCAMBIA CO. An office building was evacuated this morning while hazardous materials teams searched the building.

Employees at the Escambia County Central Office Complex off Fairfield Drive reported a strange smell and some started having a reaction.

150 people work in the building.
Most were sent home but four went to the hospital with more severe reactions.
The hazmat crews had a shower set up.
We watched as some of those quarantined employees were showered then sent to the hospital by ambulance.
It's still unclear what caused some to have reactions.
Wednesday morning some employees in the complex started to feel ill.
Their eyes and throats began to burn some even started to throw up.
The building was evacuated, employees were sent home.
But at least 10-people were held in quarantine.
On lookers were amazed to see all the action at the county building.

Andrew Pidal  "I'm, like, am I in danger is there a threat? I'm just not used to seeing something like this."
Hazmat crews quickly went to investigate.
Paul Baker  "I didn't know that Escambia County had suits like what just went into the building full suits."

Lt. Bryan Caro Escambia County Fire Rescue  "We ran the test with all of our instruments and found really nothing that would cause anything there so whatever was there is now gone."
4 people were sent to the hospital but first had to be disinfected by going through showers.

It's still a mystery what caused the reaction.
"Any number of things from everyday cleaning chemicals to pepper spray to somebody's perfume acetone in somebody's bag. Hazardous chemicals are out there everywhere and sometimes they get together and make something worse."
The building was left to air out.
Employees were sent home today but can return to work as normal tomorrow.
The hazmat team says they might not ever know the cause.