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Two Jay doctors reinstated rights to prescribe certain prescriptions

JAY   --  Two doctors in Jay have been banned from writing certain prescriptions for two years.
That's after the FBI and DEA raided their offices.
The agencies were cracking down on pill mills but the doctors have proclaimed their innocence all along.
No charges have ever been filed.
"For the past two years Doctors David and Michael Smith have not been able to write prescriptions for controlled substances. Today they are able to do just that."
In July of 2011  the Smith's office was raided.
They believe it was part of the FBI and DEA's crackdown on pill mills.
Although Doctor David Smith agrees pills mills are a problem he says his office wasn't one of them,.
He insists that in no way were they harming the community. 
Patrick McCall "Sometimes good people get wrongfully accused."
Saturday they both got back their federal licenses to write prescriptions
This time around the doctors say they will be more cautious when prescribing medications.

Dr. David Smith  "There is no x-ray that shows a person is in pain or how much pain they're in, there is no blood test to show how much pain a person is in and so it becomes a lot of trust between the physician and patient and I didn't trust everyone and sure I trusted people I shouldn't have maybe and I'm trying to be more cautious."
Many people in Jay who have had to go elsewhere for medical care are pleased.
"Thank God that he was able to get his licenses back and for him to start helping the community as he had been doing before."
Over the past two years, Doctor Smith says they've never been more busy but they did have to refer around 30 % of their patients to other physicians.
Some feel the government owes them for lost wages.
Cindy Sanford  "If there is some compensation something that the state could make or federal that would be justified I think."

"We're not interested in revenge on anybody in anyway. It's just not what we're about we're not looking to get even with anybody, we're not looking to place blame on anybody. We feel like the people that were involved were doing their job." 

The US Attorneys Office says they have no comment on the matter.
"The next step for both doctors is to be reinstated here at Jay Hospital.