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Feds urge states to lower the driving blood alcohol limit

One glass of wine could land you in handcuffs facing a DUI.

The national transportation safety board wants to crack down on drunk driving by urging states to lower the legal blood alcohol limit.

Right now, drinking and driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 will get you arrested.
Today, the NTSB  recommended it be dropped .05.
The reason behind it, research showed driving ability is seriously affected at .05.

Channel 3's Anthony Pura is live in Escambia County with reaction.

Everyone knows you shouldn't climb into your car after one too many drinks.
But what's one too many drinks?
Many say the law is fine the way it is right now, others say there's still too many drunk driving deaths.

It's happy hour downtown.
Many take this time to have a drink and unwind.
That's what Greg Reggio and his friends are doing.
But don't worry.
Whenever alcohol is involved, he says he knows when he's reached his legal limit.

Greg Reggio
"For me that's 3 drinks or so during a sitting... I think it's gonna be hard to be lower than that."

But some say it needs to be lower.
Researchers say roads will be a lot safer if people were forced to drink less before driving.

Greg Reggio
"...You can lower it to zero and people are still gonna abuse it. I think you gotta put bit of responsibility to people who are gonna drink, that they're not going to over indulge and they're going to be safe on the roadways."

Renee Napier has a different perspective.
Her daughter, Megan, and her best friend, Lisa Dickson, were killed by a drunk driver.
It happened in Gulf Breeze 11 years ago.
She thinks drivers shouldn't drive after drinking any amount of alcohol.

Renee Napier
"Having any number out there....08, .05 is crazy because that just tells people that it's okay to drink and drive. nobody knows what their .05 and .08 is."

Renee has made it her mission to educate drivers about making better decisions.
Whether the legal drinking and driving limit is lowered, she's just glad people are having the conversation.

Greg Reggio
"It's all gotta be a great balance, and i think it's working pretty well the way it is."

Renee Napier
"The people who come up with these numbers...they're looking at stats everyday, the average normal person is not."

The federal government doesn't make traffic laws.
It's up for the states to adopt the recommendations or not.
But the feds can add incentives or punishments to influence the state's decisions.
Reporting live in Escambia County, Anthony Pura, Channel 3 News.