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Animal abuse beginning to be a problem in area

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   -  Dogs abused and neglected.
That's what one Pensacola woman claims is becoming a growing problem around town.
She's made it her mission to shed some light on dogs being left on chains from several hours to several days on end, some without access to food, water or shelter.

These are just two of several locations throughout Pensacola and Cantonment that have  been reported to Escambia County Animal Control.
Dog owners think about the issue, and what animal control is doing about it.

Kavontae Smalls - kksmalls@weartv.com
"These dogs at this dog park seem to be happy and healthy running around after each other but according to one local animal rights advocate, not all pets in Escambia County are faring so well"

"Sally" - Animal Welfare Advocate
"I was shocked to see the number of chain neglected dogs it seems like everywhere"

"Sally" who didn't want to be fully identified says there's a growing problem among some Escambia County dog owners.

"Sally" - Animal Welfare Advocate
"Many if not most of the complaints from citizens are regarding the conditions that chained dogs are in.  These dogs don't have water, shelter, food"

Sally says over the years she's documented dogs like these, some of them tied up with heavy chains...
And some dogs left outside with just boards and tarps to shelter them from the weather.

"Sally" - Animal Welfare Advocate
"We've seen couches tipped over and used as shelters, we've seen boats"

Escambia County Animal Control says they are regularly looking into animal neglect complaints.
But, some dog owners whose care seems questionable .are in compliance with county laws.

Such as these makeshift kennels, used to house these dogs.
Caity Beaudoin, who has her hands full with her lab mix 'Leon' believes some dog owners simply need to be educated on better ways to care for their pets.

Caity Beaudoin - Dog Owner
"I'm sure there are many of them that have no idea that there are ordinances until animal control comes and talks to them"

"Sally" - Animal Welfare Advocate
"It's an educational thing, alot of people aren't aware of it, and we want to work with the community to explain how the tether ordinance works"

"Sally says she's reaching out to county commissioners to try and get a stronger tethering ordinance in the county.

To help pet-owners understand the rules.
Escambia County Animal Control has a video explaining how to properly tether a dog.
You can find it on our website weartv.com