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Santa Rosa County wildfires update

SANTA ROSA COUNTY   --  There have been nearly a dozen wildfires in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County in the past few weeks.
They have kept fire crews busy and kept home owners on edge.

Fire crews are taking steps, to prevent fires from flaring up again in the Jones Swamp area.
"This is just a portion of Jones Swamp that caught fire two weeks ago.  This mound of vegetation is just an example of how fire crews are hard at work to prevent another fire from getting out of control"

These pine trees in Jones Swamp are glowing orange.
They represent what's left of the wildfires that kept fire crews busy, and many home owners nervous for days.

Tammi McPherson
"How are they going to get this put out, how it started, how long is it going to burn?"
Those words were the only thing that came to Tammi McPherson's mind as she watched the Giese Lane fire in Jones Swamp burn ,just yards away from her home.

That was nearly two weeks ago,
Now Tammi is a little more relieved.
She says she still sees helicopters overhead dropping water.

And bulldozers in the swamp tackling the dry vegetation on the ground.

Tammi McPherson - Lives Near Jones Swamp
 "Conditions are a little dry still, so we are glad that they're watching it because the brush fires can start up again at any time"

The Forestry Service has kept a close eye all the fires in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.

They're presence helps keep the mind of people living near the fire prone areas at ease.

Emily Jenkins - Lives Near Jones Swamp
"I'm relieved that they are out there, I appreciate it I know they worked really hard putting it out" 

"You always want to prepare for the worst, but we do hope for the best  with what's going on back there"

"It's still very hot and dry outside, and fire officials are encouraging people to stay away from burning outdoors at least until we have a good rain.