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Punishment for stealing


A 9-year-old boy's punishment for stealing turned heads on 36 highway in
Wathena, Kansas. His father, Richard Fulton, said, "He decided he wanted to steal some things that didn't belong to him."

Fulton said his son stole a video game console and games from a nearby home and then lied about it. Fulton said, "Ii want him to understand this behavior will not be tolerated."

So, he made this giant red sign for the boy. It says: "I like to steal & lie about it."

The boy covered his face from cameras, but that wasn't enough to hide him from the shame of those passing by.

Marshal Bezler doesn't agree with it: He said, "I think it sucks! He's got a sign out there with that kid embarrassing that kid to death."

He and several others were appalled by what they saw as they pulled up for
breakfast. Bezler said, "It's child abuse. I won't put up with that for a poor kid or a dog."

Some were so upset by the public punishment, they called police.Wathena Police Chief Raymond Hall consulted attorneys, but said Fulton didn't break any laws. The Chief said,  "We've been getting a lot of calls, a lot of concerns, a lot of comments, and we're just monitoring to make sure nobody gets hurt and everybody stays safe and see what happens."

Even though many were upset with the parenting choice - others thought
Fulton did the right thing. Chief Hall said, "We've had some people that have indicated they thought it was a good idea and that it may teach the kid a lesson."

The child's dad, Richard Fulton said, "I think I'm doing the right thing. There is no rule book on parenting. Of course, if there was, I would buy it."

For now - Fulton hopes this sign of shame is enough to keep his son from
stealing again.