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Guns and the mentally ill

More than two dozen gun control bills were filed this year in the Florida Legislature.
Only one passed, a tighter restriction for buyers who might be mentally ill.
Some think the failed proposals were aimed at the wrong people. 
Laura Hussey "In the wake of the Trayvon Martin incident and the shootings at Sandy Hook, some gun control supporters thought they might have an opportunity for what they called a conversation. In the Florida Legislature, it was a short talk"
Measures that failed included universal background checks and limits to the state's "Stand your Ground" law.
The owner of Ranger Firearms says any perceived threat to the 2nd Amendment is met by a well-organized, grass roots gun lobby.

Virgil Zetterlind "Ultimately the ability to jam up fax machines and phone lines, and fill the Capitol with protesters on your side is usually what carries the day"

Randy Humpreys "I'm a country boy, I'm a redneck, I like my guns, don't take my guns"
Some of the measures were long shots from the start one would have required anger management classes for people buying ammunition.

Angela Tate "You can make them restrict it more, but you're going to actually affect the people that are doing the right thing and following the law"   
Most people we talked to believe criminals will get guns no matter what the laws are.   
Marjorie Sedam "Really they need to start doing more in the criminal field, on the market, the black market and all that than they do on the back porch"
The lone gun bill that passed had the support of the biggest gun lobby, but it has not yet been signed.

Laura Hussey "Despite the fact that the bill further restricting gun sales to the mentally ill is backed by the NRA, Governor Scott's office received twenty-thousand e-mails asking for a veto."