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How students are questioned by police in Escambia County

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  Escambia County school leaders are looking at the rules on when and how students can be questioned by police at school...
School Board Member Jeff Bergosh says parents should be contacted and grant permission *before a student is questioned.
But, Superintendent Malcolm Thomas disagrees.
The current policy says school officials must "make a reasonable effort" to contact guardians to let them know their student is being questioned or arrested.
But, if the new policy is passed the guardian would also have to give their consent unless there is extenuating circumstances.

Katina Hale's daughter is in the 11th grade at Pine Forest High School.
She says she wants to be contacted and give permission for police to interview her daughter if she is ever arrested or questioned. 

Katina Hale "Some of our teens don't know their rights and I feel like it is appropriate they call us so we'll know what's going on."

Other parents feel the same.
Rodney Carter  "Sometimes police can make kids nervous and they say thing they really shouldn't say, so having a parent around might help ease that who situation."

Sean Bacon  "They don't understand the rights of being detained the rights of being arrested and the implications of them speaking to and those things being used against them."

So we asked a few students if they understand their Miranda rights.
"Do you understand Miranda Rights?" "No. Do you?" "No" 

Several said no.
 Pine Forest  Freshman ,Daisha Jones, and her friends may not clearly understand their rights...
But they are on the fence about the policy.
Daisha Jones  "Some things I feel like I would want my mother to be there with me, but then again if there is something going on at school I feel like they should have the right to do that."

Hale says although she wants to be informed and give consent.
She feels that if it's an emergency or a student witnessed a crime they should be questioned immediately.

"If its something that needs to be taken care of right away then yeah that's fine, but if it's something concerning my child as far as something she's done I feel I should be appropriately contacted."

The Escambia School Board will discuss the policy at its meeting tomorrow afternoon.