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Rubio proposes an amendment that would invalidate Obamacre

ESCAMBIA COUNTY -- U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio, is taking on Obamacare.
Starting next year, you must have health insurance or pay a fee.
That fee will be based on a percentage of your income.

Rubio wants to fight law with law.
He proposes adding this passage to the U.S. Constitution.
"Congress shall make no law that imposes a tax on a failure to purchase goods or services."

Channel 3's Anthony Pura talked with local leaders from both sides of the health care debate.

Back in 2010, the first lawsuit was filed against the President's health care plan in this courthouse..it was the first effort to block the individual mandate required under the plan...Senator Rubio's constitutional amendment was the latest effort.

Nobody plans on ending up in the hospital.
But if you do, some level of health insurance will come in handy.
But many like Kathleen Guy, don't have it.

Kathleen Guy, against mandate
"i was never in agreement with the fact that I was made to buy health insurance. It's too expensive...and I'm in good health, I just don't need it right now."

That won't be an acceptable excuse next year when the feds starting fining people who aren't covered.
That's why Josh Newby is shopping for coverage.
He doesn't like the individual mandate but likes the health care plan overall.

Josh Newby, supports health care plan
"Even though it might ultimately hurt me,  and I won't know until it kicks in , I understand the need for it and the need to get rid of that pre-existing conditions clause is enough to imposing tax."

...and it is "a tax" according to the Supreme Court, which is an ugly word for many.

John Baker, Pensacola Tea Party
"What's next...we pass something here, we can pass a tax for anyone or anything...that's not the American way, that should've been stopped at the time."

John Baker is with the local Tea Party.
He likes Marco Rubio's proposed amendment in principal, but doesn't think it has a chance of becoming law.
Local democrats like Bob Kerrigan don't think it can get enough support either.
He accuses Rubio of political posturing.

Bob Kerrigan, Democrat
"First of all you can't get out of the senate...you cant get any place with this...you cant get the states to endorse this at the level it needs to...we're for constitutional amendment pending in the states...some going back 150 years, so it's not likely its ever going to pass."

Three-fourths of states, that's 38 states, have to sign off on the amendment for it to become law.
Reporting in Escambia County, Anthony Pura Channel 3 News.