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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Lightning strike damages Milton home

MILTON   --  There were hundreds of lightning strikes in the skies over Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties this morning.

One strike hit the ground just feet from a Milton family's home.
The force was strong enough to damage their home.
Fire fighters say the lighting struck the tree first before hitting the house.
It even knocked out electricity for a while

Kevin Hargett was expecting rain this morning.
But not a lighting strike
At least not in his front yard.

Kevin Hargett
I knew it was a close hit, but didn't have any idea that hit our house.
The Hargetts were in the garage.

Kevin was getting ready to head to work, his wife was loading the kids in the car for daycare.
When the skies flashed and boomed.

Kevin Hargett
I saw just a huge flash and bang right at the exact time and the ground shook
My daughter was shaken in her boots, after it hit I strapped her to the car and she was almost to the point of crying it scared her so bad

Next door, Carrie Lindsey was inside her home using her laptop.
The lighting strike shocked her in more ways than one.

All of a sudden I heard the boom, I threw the laptop away from me and my hand felt tingly and numb for probably about 10 minutes. After that it kinda went away.

Kevin Hargett says this is his second close encounter with lightning.
Kevin Hargett
I've been around someone who got hit by lighting several years ago when I worked for Santa Rosa County one of our girls hit she was hit by lightning as she was getting into her car about the same distance.

This one may have destroyed Hargett's front steps but left holes in his wall.
But it missed what's most important to him, his family.

 Kevin Hargett
20 feet from a large lighting bolt like that, i'm extremely grateful
Power is back on now.

The Hargetts only have to worry about fixing their front porch now.