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Pet dog shot by Crestview Police Officer

CRESTVIEW   --  A pet dog shot to death by a Crestview Police Officer.
A lot of people in the community want to know why it happened.
The police department says the dog was known to be aggressive and charged one of its officers.
"Crestview Police say last Thursday they came to this home to talk to the man inside, knocked on the door, heard a dog bark. They asked the man to put the dog away the door opened and that's when the dog charged at the officer."
The officer says the pit bull was showing its teeth and ran towards him barking.
He fired his gun four times.
Lt. Andrew Schneider   "A matter of defending yourself is depending on when the animal stops charging you or the person in some circumstances if they are trying to attack you. You have to continue to engage until the animal stops."
The dog ran  to the back yard where it was found dead.
Police say, they've had complaints about the dog before.

"My wife and I have watched them chase high school kids up this road. It's just a mess over here."

Some residents say they can't even go outside their homes or take their children outside to play.

"It was in my yard and being aggressive towards me. They charge the fence when we come outside. They are aggressive animals there is no doubt about it."
Others say they never noticed the dog being anything but nice and she was just protecting her owner.

Paul Weimorts  "No more than most dogs are when you approach the house and the owner is not outside."   
We went to the dog owners' house but no one was home.
"When the officer is trying to make contact with the owner of that property, the property owner has the responsibility  to make sure the dogs are properly contained." 

"If the owner would have been more careful with his animals this probably wouldn't have happened."
"This incident is still under investigation."