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Lambs mauled to death by dogs

ESCAMBIA COUNTY -- It's the third reported pit-bull attack in the last two weeks, but this time the pit bull wasn't alone. And it wasn't people the dogs were after, instead, it was a heard of lambs.
The lambs were inside a paddock Wednesday morning when Albert Streit heard loud screaming as if the lambs were fighting for their life, and it turns out, they were.
Albert Streit says eight of his rare Katahdin lambs were mauled to death by a pit bull and a Siberian husky-German Shepard mix; initially thought to be a wolf hybrid.
Lamb owner, Albert Streit said, "They had one of the sheep in their throat, and there were eight other ones already killed and down in this paddock.”
 It took two bullets for Albert to kill the pit bull, the other dog got away. Some of the remaining lambs managed to survive the attack, even though it's left with bite marks and can be seen limping.
 Streit says those lambs were worth a lot of money but more importantly, he wants to see better enforcement from animal control on free-roaming dogs.
"I'm sure there are a lot of victims that has had issues like this, even human attacks just two weeks ago from the same type of dog right up the road here, enough is enough," said Streit.
Coming up later tonight, we'll show you the surviving dog seized by animal control.
Animal control says, the owner of the surviving dog could face criminal charges.