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New interim leader sworn in for Egypt

EGYPT   --  Egypt has a new interim leader.
The Chief Justice of Egypt's Supreme Court was sworn in Thursday.

At the same time, Egypt's military launched a crackdown on the Muslim brotherhood, the political party from which the ousted president hailed.
It's quiet today in Cairo's Tahrir Square.  A stark contrast to the massive crowds and jubilant celebrations there
Last night after the military announced that the democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi had been ousted.

Since Sunday, millions of Egyptians took to the streets in what is believed to be the country's biggest protest ever.

They demanded that Morsi step down. "We are looking to have a better life, more democracy."

Today Egypt's top judge -Adly Mansour -- was sworn in as interim president.
The first step in the military's road map toward a new government. The army suspended the  constitution, but Mansour can declare new laws during the transition.

Elections will be held sometime in the next 9-12 months.
For Nowmorsi is under house arrest and several of the top leaders of his Muslim brotherhood political party have been detained.

"The greatest concern Ii think is that this coup is opposed violently by some factions, particularly perhaps by the Muslim brotherhood. And that could lead Egypt down the road of civil violence which would be terrible."

Last night President Obama issued a cautious statement, saying the US was concerned that the military removed Morsiand called for a swift and responsible transition to a democratically elected government.

Every year the us gives 1.3 billion dollars in aid to Egypt. The uncertainty there now puts the Obama administration in an awkward position.

"Its been an important partner for the United States diplomatically as well as in military terms in the region for so many years."

Under US law all aid to a country would be suspended after a military coup. In his statement, President Obama did not use that phrase to describe what happened this week in Egypt.