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Appeals process for red light camera tickets

More than 200 new laws in Florida today. They range from prohibiting bong sales, to changing  high school graduation requirements, but one law that will impact our area is one involving red light camera tickets.

As channel 3's Christina Leavenworth reports, now people in Florida get a chance to appeal.

The way it worked before today, you get a red light ticket in the mail and you really had two options: pay it right away or fight it in court. Now an appeals process has been given a green light

"I was upset."

Ann Black got that pesky little ticket in the mail a few months ago. She says she didn't run a red light. The camera made a mistake, but she paid it anyway

"They are right we are wrong..."

That's how many people felt. They thought they didn't have a fighting chance. Well now, with the new law, drivers can appeal the ticket without going to court.
Gulf Breeze and Milton quickly appointed hearing officers and now have an appeals process in place.
The way it will work is you can mail in an appeal form and then a hearing will be scheduled; far easier than going to court.

"Plus if you fight it in court, they charge you double."

But not everyone thinks this will be a good thing.
Some people think it will slow down the system.
Because even people who knowingly run red lights, may still try to appeal it.

"I don't think they should, you break the law, you should deal with what comes your way, you break it and that's what it is."

But others say sometimes it's not as simple. Cameras can be wrong. It's not always the owner of the car behind the wheel.

"Being young you let people borrow your car all the time..."

Starting this morning, the appeals process is required all across the state of Florida. Reporting in Gulf Breeze, Christina Leavenworth, Channel Three News.