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Zimmerman verdict impacts Pensacola

PENSACOLA -- The not guilty verdict has people all over the country voicing their opinions... Including many right here at home.
It was 15 months ago, the MLK plaza was full of people expressing themselves after Trayvon Martin was killed.  But now that the court of law has ruled George Zimmerman not guilty, the court of public opinion is having its say.
May 2012, hundreds of people flocked to downtown Pensacola. They showed signs, protested the 'stand your ground law', and claimed they wanted justice. Fast forward to the moment the jurors revealed their verdict in the controversial case.
"We the jury find George Zimmerman not guilty."
Moments after the final verdict, Channel 3 viewers flocked our Facebook page to agree and disagree with the decision.
We caught up with Rose Merriwether as she was leaving morning service, at Zion Hope Baptist church, and she's still outraged.
"It was just a pathetic ending. A little boy with a bag of skittles, a grown man with a gun,” said Merriwether, Zion Hope church.
Many of her fellow parishioners also had an opinion to the not guilty verdict.
"I think everything went the way we expected, I’m just glad it ended peacefully," said Liz Johnson, Zion Hope church.
We also caught up with Kim Flanagan, just as saint Michael's Catholic church wrapped up its morning service downtown.
"At the end of the day, the guy got off, but it's just sad there was still loss of life,” Flanagan.
While many church-goers say the Zimmerman trial wasn't really a part in today's sermon, the result of the case was lingering in their minds.
Van, St. Michaels church said, "I kind of figured he'd get at least manslaughter, I really did but you never know, you never know about these things.”
Michael Rankin - St. Michaels church said, "Man has done everything he needs to do with this, and now it's in the hands of the lord.”
The case is over but the debate is likely to continue.  The NAACP wants to have the 'stand your ground law' re-evaluated all over the country.