WEAR - Search Results

The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Freeport damaged roads (confirmed)


1.)     Dead River RD is closed, water is across it just past the pond.

 2.)    State Hwy 81. Shut down south of Windmill. North of Windmill to the Holmes County line is open. DOT is onscene

 3.)    Bunker Rd is still under water in spots, but traffic is passing, citizen at 90 Boone Ln advised that culvert has washed out completely and is now impassable.

 4.)    Steelfield RD is closed with 2-3 ft of water standing.

 5.)    River Rd is closed.

 6.)    McKinnon Bridge RD is closed.

 7.)    CO Hwy 3280 is shut down from Smoke House Lake RD to Magnolia RD. Large wash out at Magnolia RD.

 8.)    Seven Runs Park is still under water.

 9.)    Black Creek Rd area of Dowdle Gas still has water over the roadway, also NB side underwater at Joyce Rd, SB side passable.

 10.)  JW Hollington north bound lane has standing water but passable.

 11.)  Layfette Creek water is approx a foot from the bottom of the bridge.

 12.)  Joe Campbell is not passable.

 13.)  Old Jolly Bay & CO Hwy 3280 still has a lot of water flowing over the road. Approx 1 in deep.

 14.)  Joe Dugger road is not passable.

 15.)  Four-mile bridge water is approx. 5 feet from the bottom of the bridge @ 2043

 16.)  Antioch Cemetery RD road is washed out but passable. End of the road has standing water.

 17.) Jones Rd, next to Alaqua Cove Rd, is completely under water.

 18.) Alaqua Cove Rd is completely under water.

 19.)  331 Business and State Hwy 20 has standing water.

 20.) Sewer Alarm going off at North Street and CR 83A, Freeport Water Department are going to fix problem.

 21.) Black Creek Blvd has water running across the road, but is passable.

 22.) Goodwin Creek Rd almost washed away per homeowner, is private road, notified road department and they advised they may be able to offer assistance from roadway to culvert.

 23.)  12100 State Highway 81 Private road is washed away.