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Fast food workers on strike

Fast food workers say they are hungry for change-- striking at many of the most popular fast food restaurants to demand a pay raise to $15 an hour--more than twice the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an

 "We can't survive on 7.25  it is just impossible .. we just can't live.. you
 just can't live like.. like you we can't do the regular things.. personal
things.. necessities don't taken care of. And I go to work every day
faithfully  but I get nothing out of it. we can't survive on  7.25 that's
why we are here."

Fast food workers in seven cities: New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Kansas City and Flint Michigan say they cannot live or support their families on these wages.

get up .. get down.. New York is the union town...

In New York, a group called Fast Food Forward, claims the average wages for these workers is $11,000 annually -- only a quarter of what they need to survive in the Big Apple.

"They are looking for wages that again would compare to probably
$30,000 a year job at fast food.. now the thing to remember here we do
 not have a lot of union organizations at the fast food level and these are
largely jobs that were never intended to pay $15 an hour these are
jobs that are kind of startup jobs and so, it's going to be a battle here," said Jeff Macke.

Its a battle protesters say they are willing to fight--

"I walked off today with my head up proud.. head up high.. Dr Martin
Luther King he fought what he believed and he got what he believed in," Derek said.

But industry analysts say doubling wages would lead to higher-priced burgers and pizza, and with unemployment levels still high, many other workers may be willing to step in--when striking workers are stepping out.