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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Destin family marketing a see-through canoe

A Destin family is marketing a new way to enjoy the water.
It's a see-through kayak called the "Klear Kanoo".
Laura Hussey "This is one way to get noticed on Crab Island. Not my superb paddling style, but certainly the boat. This is a Klear Kanoo, there's nothing else like it on the Emerald Coast."
When the Giovanelli family pulls up to the beach, you notice a theme.
"I can see clearly now" plays from the car stereo, as they unload the Klear Kanoo.  

Silvia "People stop, stare, point, we get these you know looks."
The view's not bad from a traditional kayak.
But look at what you can see through the bottom of this one.
Marcelo/10 years old "Well, I've seen a couple of hermit crabs, I've gotten pretty close to dolphins and sea snails, a blue crab which was trying to pinch at the thing."
The family has always loved the water.
They thought about a see-through paddleboard but learned that wasn't practical.
Then they found this kayak made from polycarbonate like a fighter jet canopy.

Greg Giovanelli "We wanted everybody to have a different experience, change the way the Emerald Coast paddles."
The Giovanellis worked a year and a half to become the exclusive US dealers of this kayak.
It weighs just 39 pounds, so almost anyone can handle it.
Silvia "Mostly what's amazing about the boat is the way you feel when you're floating on top of the water."
The Klear Kanoo costs 2,350 dollars plus tax.
For this family, it's a business they can share, in a place they love.

Greg "Everybody goes to work and we get off at 5. We go at 7 and we miss all this beautiful Crab Island time, and the beach time, and the bay time. We're working, right now, isn't this nice!"

Laura Hussey "If you have a theme that works, take it as far as it'll go. There's even a clear "Klear Kanoo" card."