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Gunman takes hostages, kills residents

HIALEAH, Fla. --  Police are trying to unravel another mass shooting tonight. This time, it happened at an apartment complex in Hialeah, Florida. No one knows why a gunman suddenly went on a murder spree killing six people and then taking hostages.

The heat of a summer night exploded into gunfire.  Police say Pedro Vargas set his apartment on fire. When the husband and wife who managed the building went to investigate -- he ambushed them.
"This young man started opening fire on them."
And -- in seconds -- a young woman lost her parents.

Shamira Pisciotti said, “I heard about 15 to 20 shots so I went outside and my neighbors were screaming that my parents had been shot."
Ambulances arrived too late.

"My mom was dead the moment that she was shot, my dad passed away shortly after Vargas then began shooting at a building down the block, killing a second man. Then he burst into the apartment of a couple and their teenage daughter, and gunned them down dead,” said Pisciotti.
Hundreds of police and a swat team swarmed the scene backed up by armored cars.
Bystanders were herded to safety in nearby stores -- and residents spent most of the night as street people, locked out of their homes. The gunman barricaded himself in an apartment with two hostages.Negotiations went nowhere for hours -- and police decided to storm his position
Detective Carl Zogby Hialeah Police Dept. said, “He fired at them. There was an exchange of gunfire. He was ready to fight. We returned fire. We prevailed. He died on the scene."
Shocked residents tried to console one another as the awful news sank in. Police are still looking into what made the gunman snap.