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Fireworks tips for a safe holiday

If you're planning to shoot off some fireworks of your own, we want you to be safe.  The holiday can quickly turn tragic if you carelessly handle fireworks.
Nothing quite says the Fourth of July like fireworks, but remember when you're shooting these off always use caution.
Dr. Timothy Rak has been an ER physician at sacred heart hospital for 11 years.  He says when it comes to firework related injuries he's pretty much seen it all.
"Where actually a rocket came in and hit them in the eye and they lost their eye and I’ve actually seen someone blow their hand off,” said Dr. Rak.
Although certain fireworks are banned in Florida, most of us have seen what bottle rockets and other high powered fireworks can do.
But doctor Rak says most injuries he sees are actually from sparklers. 
"They can go up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and they come with little metal rods that people like to throw in the grass and people impel themselves in their feet."
Cassy Allyn and her friends say that comes as a surprise, but they always use them safely.
"We light them and we just kind of twirl them around and make sure we're not putting them on somebody or near somebody and we make sure we dispose of it by putting water on it,” said Allyn.
Doctor Rak says he has some advice...
"If you are going to drink i would tell you not to be lighting off fireworks, use eye protection, i would be wearing a hat, long sleeve shirt, pants, and don't wear flip flops,” he said.
Remember if you do purchase your own fireworks and it doesn't go off never re-light a dud.