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Here's a look at the chances of winning tonights Powerball

Tonight the drawing for the powerball jackpot will have many people on the edge of their seats
But really what are your chances of winning?
One in 175-million.
The odds are so remote of winning tonight's powerball drawing, I think it's safe to tell y'all now that you haven't won.
I hate to be the bearer of bad future news.
But let's put this in perspective.
You have a better chance of dating a supermodel 88,000 to one.
(Christian's odds were significantly higher in his single days...)
You have a better chance of suffocating in bed, 2-million to one.
And you have a better chance of dying in a plane crash ,11-million to one.
I  know these odds are accurate, albeit a tad morbid because I found them on the internet.
Gizmodo, if you must know.
But back to the powerball.
Despite the near impossibility of winning the 425-million dollar jackpot... The ticket machines will be singing today in 43 states and that jackpot is sure to climb by the time the numbers are picked at 10 central.
It's the 4th largest jackpot ever, worth a cool 245-million in one lump sum as everybody seems to prefer.
Who wants to win that kind of money and then have it dished out in small servings over 29 years?

Does anyone ever choose that?
I mean, how bad would it be if you wanted to buy something for 19-million dollars, and had only 18-million in your checkbook?
And then had to wait a whole year for another truckload of money.
Not a problem I'm really gonna worry about.

Nor should you.
But then again 1.8 million people won something in the last powerball drawing on August 3rd, splitting about 22.5 million in smaller prizes.
That's not shabby.
And if I'm wrong and someone in this audience wins the giant jackpot give me a call tomorrow and tell me what a jerk I am.
And then we can set up a real news story.
On your new yacht.