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Escambia Co. sheriff's office new shot simulator system

ESCAMBIA COUNTY In the wake of the recent shootings in Escambia County, the sheriff's office uses a virtual program.  A scenario is played on the screen and deputies have seconds to decide what to do.
Drop your guns. In real life scenarios cops need to be able to think fast on their feet and that's why this training video will allow them to do just that.
The shot simulator system has been used at the sheriff's office for many years. In 2009 they purchased a new model offering over 800 scenarios.
Sheriff David Morgan said, "It's about officer safety protection of the citizens and that's something that is constantly in balance if you're to cavalier about your job, your attitude and you're here to save the world you're going to get yourself killed or someone else killed."
Officers have to shout commands and know which weapon to use: a gun, taser, pepper spray, or flashlight. They also have to determine when a weapon is not needed.
Jason Donnelly said, Its to the point where you have to interact with it. If you don't interact with it just like real person on the street."
I got a chance to run some of these scenarios myself. Actors play out real life situations ... Like this one depicted in this YouTube clip where a Georgia deputy was shot and killed during a traffic stop.
I shot the suspect after he revealed his weapon ... Saving my life. 
"You did surprisingly well for not having been through the academy, not having been through the use of force continuum, you understood what to look for and what was a threat to you and what wasn't a threat to you."
The simulations also help to flag deputies who may need more training ... Or are too quick to pull the trigger.
"We identify those officers very quickly and they normally don't last long in law enforcement."
"Id rather have them mess up here then mess up on the streets this way we can correct any of the inefficiencies. We can go over why'd you do this? Why did you do that? Would this be a better course of action?"
Drop your guns. Anytime a deputy wants they can come right here and practice their skills.