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Locals react to new administrative actions in place to reduce gun violence

The White House is taking steps that the administration says will help reduce gun violence. Today, vice president Joe Biden swore in a new director for the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives. B-Todd Jones is the agency's first permanent director in seven years.
Wayne Mason loves his guns.
"I've got a bumper sticker on the back of my truck; don't mess with my weapons said Wayne Mason, Milton resident.
It may come as no surprise; Mason was upset to learn the President announced more executive actions to strengthen the nations gun laws.  Mason says guns arent the main problem; instead it is the people getting them illegally.
"Outlaws cause problems. What we need to do is concentrate on mental health issues
While Mason doesnt want the government to make it harder to own a gun, he does see some benefits to the Presidents new executive actions.  One measure poses limits on military weapons sold to allies overseas, only to be reimported back into the U.S by private entities.  The other stops people who cant pass a background check from registering guns through a corporation to get them illegally.
At least on those fronts, gun supporters partially agree with the new measures.
"If you can't register a gun, then you don't need a gun, because there's a lot of people out there that does have guns because they steal them from other people said Linda Alvey.
"I'm not opposed to background checks but no, don't mess with our guns said Mason.