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Gary Finch Outdoors: program connects local food sources

A new program can help you find just the right place for all your favorite foods. Here's more from Gary Finch.

(Gary)  Good morning everyone.  I have recently learned of a new resource for finding fresh local seafood called MarketMaker.  Outreach Coordinator, Beth Walton, explained the goals of the new program and how it affects fisherman and their catch as well as it's benefits to the local economy.

(Beth Walton)  Market Maker, I like to tell people it's just a food match maker.  And what it does, it connects local consumers with local sources of food.  And that can be anything from seafood, which is primarily what I work with in the charter boat fishermen, to farmers, and let's see, retail markets, restaurants, processors, wholesalers and even "pick your own" blueberry farms.

(Ben Posadas)  Market Maker is an online marketing tool and it is now present in twenty states.  Presently, there are more than 700,000 food business listed and registered in Market Maker.  And in Market Maker, once you create a business profile, you make yourself visible to buyers all over the world.

(Peter Nguyn)  Market Maker is very helpful for the local fishermen.  When they sign up for Market Maker, they get their own web site and they can add anything to their web site like shrimp, fish, crab, whatever they catch.  This is new to them and they really like it.  One good thing about the Market Maker is when you know where the fresh stuff and the good quality seafood comes from.

(Beth Walton)  So, one of the ways that people can learn about local food is through this program we're starting called Seafood Savvy in Alabama, but it really can translate to community throughout the Gulf and beyond and what we are trying to do is connect the local consumers with local seafood, local chefs, restaurants and so they will learn how to prepare food, especially seafood, where it comes from, who the fisherman are that are providing it, talk with a local chef and then how to further source it in the future.  So we are trying, if you will, to sort of connect all of the dots and try to keep people in business.  That's the name of the game...and eat of course!

For more information on MarketMaker or the Seafood Savvy Seminars, visit this web site.  I'm Gary Finch for 3 In The Morning.

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