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Comic fans invade fairgrounds for Para Con convention

ESCAMBIA COUNTY -- Comic fans didn't let the rain put a damper on their fun today. Science fiction and fantasy dealers set up shop at the Pensacola fairgrounds.   
Many of us have hobbies, but people at Para Con are taking it to another level. From building a city out of Legos to spending countless hours putting together costumes in support of their favorite characters.
Fan Ruthie Hill said "Im so excited, this is my first con ever and Im really pumped about this.
Fan Jessica Daughtery said, "I always wanted to have a day where i can just dress up when it wasn't Halloween.
Pensacola Para con is the convention fans young and old. Who love science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming, comics and cosplay have been waiting for. And the rain wasn't going to stop their fun. 
Author Aubrianna hunter said, "It's a little intimidating knowing you're going to get four to five inches of rain on the one weekend this was planned but it doesn't seem to have affected the crowd at least not negatively.
Comic Artist Randolph Dixon said, The super you, where we draw you as a super hero, so if you want to be batman, we'll put your head on batman's body.
Speaking of batman...It was the costumes that attracted most of everyone's attention.
Fan Steven Pearce said, This is call the executioner's blade, it stands a good seven feet tall and Im six foot, (it's up there), yeah it's huge.
Fan "Boz Ving" said, "We are the Mandalorian Mercs from the star wars expanded universe.
Fan "The Riddler" said, "I'm just the Mexican hotdog girl (laughs).
This 60-year old known as ...."I am the Apocalypse Man.
Spent 460 hours, putting his 126 pound costume together.
Fan "The Apocolypse Man" said, "I have never lost a costume contest with this, never, ever.
Para con showcased more than just art, creativity...the cute and bizarre. It brought a niche community of comic book fanatics closer together.
Pensacola Para Con will be open Sunday at the Pensacola fairgrounds from 10 am to 6 pm if you'd like to check it out.