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Tips to protect against home invasion

Home burglaries are a real problem in America.

And here's something you may not know... Most of those happen in the daytime. So here are some good tips on how to protect your home.

Caught on camera.. a teenage thief somersaulting into an empty home.  The Flamme family was away from home as the crook stole hundreds of dollars

Police across the country tend to agree - August is hot season for burglars.
To North Carolina where four men ransacked a home and a family was completely unaware.

Now new ways to fight back from afar. Even if nobody is home, you can still be watching from anywhere, using practically any device

Tip #1 - Find a motion activiated camera. It captured a burglar entering a home and immediately sent a video to the homeowner's cellphone.

"The first thing I thought was, oh my god, is this thing really real?!"

The FBI says most of these burglaries happen during the day thieves making off with about $2,000 in loot each time.

Tip #2 - Convince thieves someone is home. Here's a new device called fake T.V.

 It has simple LED lights which the manufacturer says mimic a television set. If the crook thinks someone is home, it's unlikely they'll break in.

That's exactly why lighting timers are also a good idea. But you don't want the lights to turn on and off at the same time every day

Tip #3 - Set multiple times for different days to trick would-be burglars

 "Somebody, if they're driving around, paying attention to this, looking to break into a home, and they see this light going off at different times make it difficult for somebody to pick your house."

Simple advice to protect your valuables in that treasured home