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Interview with shooting victim Roy Middleton

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  The man shot by Escambia County deputies in his own front yard is now at home, wondering why deputies shot him.   

Roy Middleton now has nightmares every night. He was getting cigarettes out of his mother's car when deputies arrived outside his Warrington home.
A neighbor reported that someone was possibly stealing a car.
The sheriff says the deputies thought Middleton was going to lunge at them and that's when they fired at least 15 times. There are bullet holes in both his house and car. The big reminder is the pain. His left leg was shattered. He used to be pretty active but now he can barely move.
His family says the only thing getting them through this is prayers and faith in God. Middleton was shot by deputies July 27th.

Middleton said he has a lot of pain in, "both my legs, left one, mostly because the bone was shattered in it and I have metal rod in my hip down to my knee. Bit wounded in both legs, this one is more like a flesh wound."

Middleton is expected to start physical therapy next week. But his life changed, it will be a long time before anything feels even close to normal. What does Middleton want? He said, "What anybody would want done, just justice that's all, just justice..."

His wife, Charlotte Middleton, was sleeping when he was shot. She said, "The gunshots were what woke me and my mother-in-law up. I ran to front door." She continued,  "We were holding our breath until we heard Roy say 'he was shot'. When we heard him speak we knew he was breathing."

The couple has been married for 24 years. They have a 21 year old daughter who just returned from Afghanistan. His wife said this is by far the hardest thing they have gone through. She said, "Even when its 6:00 in the afternoon, I can't step outside because I still see him lying there and everything going on."

Middleton's attorney Lorenzo Williams says a key witness in the case will be the third officer on the scene who didn't fire once. He said, "That's very important....why the third officer didn't discharge his weapon. After 15 rounds were discharged at close range."

They still don't know the prognosis for Middleton. However, one question continues to go through their heads. Roy Middleton said, "Nothing but why? Just trying to understand why it happened."

His wife said, "Only God can answer that."

His attorney has not filed anything in court but expects to in the next few weeks. He also didn't want Roy to go into any specifics regarding happened that night