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Substitute teacher pay raise

ESCAMBIA COUNTY -- Substitute pay has been raised in Escambia County, hopefully to end a substitute shortage they've faced for several years.  It's the first increase in more than five years.  Up to now, subs with bachelor degrees were paid $68 a day.
Now its $80, compared to $79 in Santa Rosa county and $90 in Okaloosa.
There were many times last year, Escambia County students would walk in a classroom and yet there wouldn't be a teacher, due to a substitute shortage. Well now they have raised pay in order to fix that.
"Sixty-eight dollars a day needed to be higher."
Montclair Elementary School principal Jennifer Sewell had a tough time getting subs.  Sometimes having as many as two classrooms without a teacher.  Now that hopefully won't be a problem.
The pay has been raised to $80 a day...Those with associate degrees will make $70 a day.
Subs filling in for one teacher for an extended amount of time will make $125 a day starting on the first day.
I think it's going to make a tremendous difference, very motivating to see things like that happening, a lot of great subs who want to work; it has to be worth their time, not easy to be a sub teacher, walking into a different situation every day.
Cheryl Baldwin knows first-hand the difference this will make for teachers. She has been a substitute teacher for the past two years.
"The way you change the pay means we need you and we want to meet your needs," Baldwin said.
She doesn't do it for the money but it doesn't hurt that the checks will be a bit larger.
"In education you can never get paid for what you do, gotta come from the heart, gotta come from the heart," she said.
They will reevaluate at the end of this year to see if there need to be any changes next year.