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Goodwill employee finds $10K in cash

A woman working a Goodwill Store found a envelope stuffed with cash. She decided to turn the money in to her boss instead of pocketing it.  Did her honesty pay off?
Lakeisha Williams works at one of the Goodwill Collection spots in Stockton, where it's common for things to get donated, that weren't meant to be.

"Whether it's clothing, household items, cash or jewelry , they realize, oops...didn't want that to get donated"

About a week ago...it happened to Lakeisha.

"...There was an envelope.....Full of cash"

100 dollar bills..and not just a few of them...105...or 10 thousand, 500 in cash.

She jokes, she thought of keeping it, but handed it over to a boss.

"My concern was, someone is out that money and I'd like for them to get it back"

About a month later, the money still hasn't been claimed...But it's safe in a goodwill account, for another few months, in case the owner realizes what he or she did.

Since finding the cash, Lakeisha hadn't heard a thing from her bosses.

"Would have been nice for them to say hey, get some kind of kickback, thanks for being honest and turning it in"

"Lakeisha is a fairly new employee, she didn't know the policy for what happens when an employee finds something like $10,000 bucks...I have the good news"

"Sounds like to reward you for your honesty, a chunk will come your way...."

"Nice....good to know"

About 10 percent or a thousand bucks for doing the right thing if the person who accidentally donated more than $10 thousand dollars, doesn't realize it first..