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Beautiful tropical view blocked by sunken boat in Navarre

 NAVARRE BEACH - In Northwest Florida we're known for our white sand, beautiful beaches, and of course the tropical view, but  in Navarre that view is being altered by a sunken boat.

Florida Fish and Wildlife investigators say the boat has been legally anchored in the same spot for the past two years.
During that time  it has been sunk several times. They believe it's been done on purpose. One insistence holes were drilled on the side of the boat.
This time  water tight hatches were removed. It's been this way for a month and many say it's become a safety issue.

"With this being the height of the tourist season it's an attractive nuisance. The children  are just drawn to it it's a magnate for them. They play on it, they swim on it, they dive off of it and unfortunately they swim into the sunken hull," said Jim Melvin, Santa Rosa County Commissioner.

Kevin Redzki owner of Juana's Beach Bar and Grill say's he's also worried about safety and has  witnessed several people including small children jump off the sunken vessel.

Many who frequent the business are just plain curious about the sunken boat.
"Everybody wants to know the story, everybody says oh they want to refloat it and take it home with them. It's been an interesting conversation piece if nothing else," said Redzki.
"It's the first thing i saw the  very first thing I saw and we've been talking about it for five minutes and I didn't come here to talk about sunken boats," said tourist, Bill Baker.
FWC officers have given the owner of the boat time to re-float the sunken vessel, but if it's not removed he could face felony charges.

And if anyone is caught on the boat they could be charged with trespassing because it's considered private property.