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Local woman wants makeover, takes to streets

A local woman wanting to give herself a makeover took to streets today, hoping to raise some funds.
The method for her mission was slightly unusual -- and maybe a little distracting for drivers.
We have a lot of people of panhandlers in our area -- people who are down on their luck -- looking for a handout. But today we found someone who's putting a slightly different twist on the situation.
Christina Andrews has never done this before.
Today she took her sign to the corner of "W" and Beverly in Pensacola.
A simple sign, with a simple message.
"I just want bigger boobs, because I'm not happy with the ones that I have. And I figured this was a good way to do it. People put out signs that they're homeless. I'm not...so I'm just being honest," says Christina Andrews.
It's not the type of sign you normally see. The type of sign many drivers have learned to ignore.
"Did you see the sign?"
"Yeah, I noticed that sign."
"What did you think of it?"
"Um...um...kind of flabbergasts you when you first look at it doesn't it? I'm afraid. I don't want her to lose. I hope she don't drop that sign."
"What do you think?"
"It's pretty crazy!"
"We see a lot of people with signs out on the streets. What do you think of this one in particular?"
"This one is the most uncommon one that you don't see very often."
Christina wasn't sure what kind of reaction she would get -- or if she'd actually collect any money.
She did -- but that wasn't the only goal today.
"I thought people would just laugh and keep riding, but they're like hey here's some money," says Andrews. "Gotten a lot of smiles out of people too!"
This is the first time Christina Andrews has tried this, and she says if nothing else -- she's made some people laugh today.