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Cheaper Corn prices could lower your whole grocery bill

On average, your cart of groceries costs you 5 % more than it did last year.
Those prices could soon go down.
One product could lower the prices of nearly everything on your grocery list.

Corn is in 75 % of the products in the entire grocery store.
And corn prices are down 40 percent from last year when corn crops were affected by a major drought.
Since so many products are made with or affected by corn, you could see your grocery bill go back down.

Here's a look at just some of the products made with corn.
Corn is used in everything from tires, to toilet paper to toothpaste.

So not only could you see a drop in price for products made from corn, you might also see a drop in chicken, beef, milk, cheese --

That's because corn is used in the feed for the chickens and the cows.
Lower feed costs could translate into lower product costs.

Pretty much across the board - you're paying more.
The US Department of Agriculture says the average cost

To feed a family of four runs between 146 to 208 dollars.
That's about 40 to 80 dollars more than 10 years ago.

The corn harvest starts next month, but already the price of corn bushels on the futures market are  down to almost half the price of last year.

So when could you see your prices go down and by how much?
A lot of that depends on the supermarkets, themselves.