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Parents paying children for good grades may not prepare them for college

PENSACOLA -- Paying kids for their grades? Recent scores show that many kids here aren't prepared for college. Many parents are asking themselves..  Will a little extra cash give them an incentive to study more?
ACT tests are supposed to determine whether or not a high school student is ready to be successful in college. Well recent scores show students here in Florida aren't prepared. So how do you get your child to bring home good grades?  Some parents say the answer is in their wallets.
"Good grades is what you should be doing. That's your job."
Theresa Louis won't pay her kids for good grades but nearly half of parents in America do.
That's according to a survey by the American Institute of CPAs.  Here in northwest Florida, parents seem to be split 50-50, too.
A poll on our Facebook page found half of parents here do pay out for grades.
But Theresa Louis won't....
"My parents never rewarded us with money. We had to earn it."
Neither will Stephanie Kress.
"Education is its own reward," she said.
The survey also found the average pay out for an A is $16.60 apiece.
If a kid brought home As in English, math, reading and science, they'd bring in just over $132 a year.
But that's a big "If" - according to the 2013 condition of college and career readiness report...40 percent of Florida high school students aren't prepared to maintain a 'C' average in college.
"If a child enjoys learning, enjoys education, learns how to enjoy learning, that's a reward in itself."
However, the money only goes so far once your child does go to college, a study out of the University of California found the more money parents contribute, the lower their child's grades tend to be.