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Dove season opens in Northwest Fla. this week

 Dove season opens up in the south zone this weekend, and we'd like to show you a few tips that will help you be more comfortable and more successful in the dove field. 

The law states that you cannot be within hundred yards of an adjoining landowners house.  Well, we have a house on each side of this field, so we have flagged off 105 yards around these houses so nobody is allowed to get inside that flagged area.  But the field is big enough to hold everybody so we are going to have a great shoot regardless of the flagged off area.  And you want to be certain to obey the laws, rules and regulations. The game wardens will be out here to check and that's what they are here for  and they are here to protect our adjoining landowners.  To keep everybody safe is the biggest thing. 

Some other considerations for hunting dove in Alabama and Northwest Florida are, the hunter is required to have in possession both a hunting license and a H.I.P. Stamp.  The Harvest Information Program stamp is free, but must be in possession to hunt any migratory bird, including dove.

There is a lot of work that goes into preparing these fields.  There is a lot of time.  A lot of tractor work.  A lot of seed, a lot of money goes into this thing, but it's all worth it come Saturday afternoon, opening day of dove season.  It's a great time for your friends and family to come out and enjoy football games and grill hamburgers and hotdogs and come out here and have a great time in the outdoors.

Remember folks, dove season opens this Saturday in the south zone of Alabama.  Be careful, be safe and have a great weekend.

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