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Guns no longer welcome in Starbucks

SANTA ROSA COUNTY   --   - Guns are no longer welcome in Starbucks. The CEO of the company, Howard Schultz,  released a message to his customers earlier this week, asking any gun owners to not bring their weapons into the stores.
Schultz says his company was brought into the gun debate last month. When an avid group of gun owners made an announcement online asking for a "Stabucks Appreciation Day", to recognize the company's policy of allowing guns inside the stores. If permitted by state laws.
The Newtown Coalition for Corporation Responsibility made up of some family members of victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting quickly responded. Asking Starbucks to ban guns.
Schultz says the Sandy Hook shooting isn't the reason for the policy change.
Gun carriers will not be asked to leave the store, but are simply asked not to bring their guns on the property.
"I think that they have the right to say that it's their property their store. If they feel that it is a danger to their customers I think they definitely have the right to say that," said Starbucks customer, Elyse Mastroni.
"I believe that it's their right and everything for safety measures it is really important," said Starbucks customer, Megan Falcon.

But, will gun owners comply with the request?
 "I think they will especially with all of the scares we've had I mean all of the scares on the news with the shootings and all of the things that have happened," said Falcon.
John Booth has had a concealed weapons permit for the past six years and carries his gun on his person often.
"If you have the desire to carry one and you need to carry one and you train I think it's something you should be able to do and nobody should take that away," said Booth.   
Booth agrees it's the companies choice and says although he's not a coffee drinker the new policy won't stop him from going to Starbucks.

"I think the customer has the right or the choice not to go in," said Booth.
The CEO of the company says his views on guns have nothing to do with the policy change.