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Next 48 hours could determine US military strikes in Syria or not

The next 48-hours are critical for President Obama, as he tries to convince a skeptical nation to back his push for military action in Syria.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said this weekend that the US should "expect everything" as a response to a US strike.
President Obama is pulling out all the stops to make his case for a military strike against Syria.

Over the next 48-hours...He'll reach out to lawmakers, sit down for interviews with network anchors and deliver a prime time address to the nation.

 But with nearly six in 10 Americans and a majority of the House of Representatives opposed to a strike.  Does this full court press come too late?

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remains defiant.
He sat down with CBS this morning in Damascus over the weekend.

Bashir al-Assad  Syrian President
Will there be attacks from the bases in the middle east if here's an air strike? >> You should expect everything.

Assad said the US has not made its case that his regime used chemical weapons against its own people.

Bashir al-Assad Syrian President   Nothing so far. Not a single shred of evidence.

But today in London, Secretary of State John Kerry insisted he's confident in the administration's case - but Assad has no credibility.

John Kerry  Secretary of State   What does he offer? words contradicted by facts.
Secretary Kerry seemed to suggest a way for Assad to avoid a US military strike:

He could turn over every single bit of chem weapons...turn it over, all of it, without delay
 But the state department quickly said he meant that as a rhetorical augment - because Assad would never do it.

President Obama has a tough sell on Capitol Hill.
Republicans and democrats are opposed to a military strike including some of President Obama's most reliably staunch supporters.

The liberal group moveon.org is running TV ads urging lawmakers to vote no.
Most Americans oppose missile strikes in Syria