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"Wear Teal" Friday for National Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Hundreds of women are asking you to *Wear Teal* this week -- in honor or National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month -- which is September.

When Debbie Heile was diagnosed with ovarian cancer nearly two years ago --
It was very dramatic  The people in my family that had ovarian cancer had died from it

Now  she is one of many asking you to celebrate those living *after being diagnosed with this disease -- on national wear teal day --which is Friday September the 6th.

Doctor Jim  Pavelka is  a women's health specialist who says Debbie is one of the lucky ones -- she found her cancer at an early stage --

After genetic testing showed she was at risk for the disease --

[Dr. Jim Pavelka/OB-GYN]
If you find ovarian cancer early it can be very curable, only about one in four women who have ovarian cancer have it diagnosed at stage one --so a majority have it diagnosed after it's spread or matasticized>

Mammo review file-
Debbie also had early stage breast cancer --which is why she chose genetic testing.
She says many women however don't realize there is even a possible connection between these two cancers.

So this week she is sharing her story   so other women will remember the warning signs,, and the importance of early detection for ovarian cancer.

It's suggested you see your health care provider if you have a sudden onset or prolonged symptoms of ovarian cancer such as --

Abdominal bloating,, abdominal pain, urinary frequency,, and a change in bowel habits>

Debbie says as common as those are -- you know your own body --and you know when something doesn't feel right.
As for her own journey --

I would never have changed my life, the journey that I've taken The journey that I've been on,,has been a tremendous one, in that I've learned about myself, hopefully influenced others

Wearing teal Friday  or any other day this month she says -- and tell people *why you are wearing it.

It's important to note that while ovarian cancer symptoms are common - it's a sudden change or prolonged problem -not usual for your body that may need follow up care.

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