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Taxpayers foot the bill for Afghan health

Keeping Afghans healthy is the mission -- but it comes at a hefty price for U.S. taxpayers.

The top watchdog in Afghanistan says a U.S. government program designed to improve health standards for the people of that country wasted nearly $130 million.Now there's concern that as many as another $100 million is at risk.

The special inspector general for reconstruction says fiscal abuse at the Afghanistan Minstry of Public Health is rampant. Despite that, the U.S. agency for international development or "U.S. aid" continues to give millions of American tax dollars to the Afghan ministry.

"It's not certain how much of this money might be wasted, might be going into people's pockets, be lost due to fiscal incompetence and corruption."

The inspector general wants to cut off funding for the program.  What's the response from U.S. aid?

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