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Budget Showdown in Washington DC

WASHINGTON DC   --  (ABC)  Today the senate will vote on a plan to keep the government funded through mid-December.
The senate will amend the bill the House passed last week - and will put back in funding for the Affordable Care Act.
That sets up a showdown with House republicans, just days before the budget deadline.
Today the senate is poised to pass a bill that keeps the government running temporarily - and also keeps the health care law funded.

This is not a game and hopefully we're not children. Hopefully we are responsible adults. I believe we're doing that today.

The House passed it's version last week. That bill defunded Obamacare - and republican leaders say they're not going to accept what the senate sends

I do not see that happening.
Yesterday President Obama said the health care law is here to stay - and it shouldn't be used as a political hot potato with government funding on the

Some have threatened a government shut down if they can't shut down this law.//That's not going to happen as long as long as I'm president.

Another fiscal crisis is quickly looming on the horizon.
The government will hit its credit limit on October 17 - unless Congress votes to raise the debt ceiling.

House republicans are trying to use that fight to push President Obama to agree to massive spending cuts.

The president said he will not negotiate. Former President Bill Clinton told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos he agrees.

If I were the president, I wouldn't negotiate over these draconian cuts.//  This is just - it seems almost spiteful.

If the government does shut down on October 1st   Federal Workers will be forced to stay home, museums and national parks will be closed and some government services will stop. But there's a sense on Capitol Hill that it won't be for long. Hours, not days or weeks.