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LATEST: Syria military action

There is a fresh proposal that could stop a military strike on Syria from happening.
Shannon Travis.
Regarding Syria.
This week: Every day counts.
On Monday:
Russia urges Syria:
Let the international community control your chemical weapons...If that'll stop a strike.
Syria "welcomes" the idea."
The Obama administration:
Highly skeptical.
But Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken saying...
The US also welcomes the idea and will take a hard look at it.
Also Monday:
Congress returns after summer break.

Should lawmakers vote "yea" or "nay" to authorize a strike against the Syrian regime?

We have to come back here, I think, then talk about what is the U.S. national security interests?

This is a question for all of us about what is right. This is about a conscience.

A media blitz.
President Obama is doing six network TV interviews.

He has a tough sell.
A new CNN/ORC poll shows 6 -in-10  Americans against a strike.

Syria's president, in a CBS interview aired Monday questioned where is evidence showing his government used chemical weapons.

During the interview he was asked whether there will be attacks against US interests in the Middle East should Washington-led strikes take place:

You should expect everything. Not necessarily through the government. Governments not only player in this region.

On Tuesday it's President Obama's turn.
He'll deliver an address to the nation from the White House.
We will continue to monitor the situation in Syria and bring you updates as they become available.