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Deputy on an extra patrol finds alleged pot growing operation

SANTA ROSA COUNTY   --  An unexpected discovery made by a Santa Rosa County deputy.
Deputies say, they stumbled upon a pot growing operation that included *dozens of marijuana plants at a home in Midway early yesterday morning.
The man who lives at the home, William Hermann, was arrested on drug charges.
A deputy was doing an extra patrol around the neighborhood because there have been reports of burglaries around here recently.

He says he saw the front door of this home open so he stopped to check it out.

Skip Chatterley, Neighbor: "Unbelievable, I didn't expect that at all, not in this part of the neighborhood."

Neighbors were shocked to hear what the deputy says he found inside.
Eva Castanon, Neighbor:  "It's kinda scary 'cause there's no telling what they could sell over there. Or you know what kinda people come in the area."

In a report, the deputy says he smelled a strong odor of marijuana as he approached the front door.
And he says he saw loose pieces of pot and drug paraphernalia on the living room coffee table.

After knocking and ringing the doorbell, the deputy says William Hermann came out and the deputy told him he had some explaining to do.

He says Hermann then tried to close the door but the deputy stopped him and went inside the 62 year-old's home.

Skip Chatterley, Neighbor: "I was briefly acquainted with him and it's really, I didn't expect that out of that guy. I thought he was about as conservative as the rest of us were."

The deputy says he found loose marijuana in multiple places and two rooms containing an indoor grow operation complete with plants, grow lamps, timers and more.
Investigators say they also found pot plants growing outside the home.

Eva Castanon, Neighbor: "Kinda freaks me out because I have teenagers."
"My granddaughters and then granddaughters living down the street. I mean this is kid friendly. There's a lot of kids around here."

Deputies say they found a total of 37 plants, 141 grams of loose marijuana and three and a quarter Flexiril muscle relaxant pills, which they say Hermann did not have a prescription for.

Hermann is now being held at the Santa Rosa County Jail